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I’ve always done a lot of craftwork but with this continued “stay home” order even I am starting to get a little bored with the usual stuff. These little nurse dolls are a fitting project right now. They’re easy and fast to make, use up leftover yarns! Free Ravelry pattern . A little more work making the Florence Nightingale bear. I’ve made her before, for my daughter and sister (both nurses), but I figured it was the right time to make another one. Ravelry Pattern I’ve made a lot of different face-masks already and I still keep trying new designs (Pinterest has an endless supply of free patterns) to see which one I like best (and it keeps changing as I go). I’m also sewing masks for Michelle’s clinic , so she’s ready to welcome her clients back when/if the government allows her to open again (not till after June 1st is the latest news). Right now I’m working on a cardigan for myself ( free pattern ), in an orangy coloured tweed yarn I’ve had laying around for a long time, ju