A Whole New Batch

Here they are, a whole new set of bunnies, bears, pigs, cats and mice! Take your pick.  The bunny stays my favourite, but the others come close.  It also depends on what clothes they are wearing.

Back to work

After a nice (unexpected) trip to Holland to see family and friends I'm back home again and ready for some new projects.
Bought some beautiful Unicat yarn at my favourite store in Arnemuiden to make shawls for my girls.
Too bad I was held back by the limited amount of suitcase space otherwise I could have brought back a lot more. This has to do for now. Can't wait to start on it.
Also need to restock my stuffed animal display, so that means back to work in a hurry!


Never thought that Easter Bunny post would be so successful!
I have been knitting overtime lately, I did more than 30 bunnies and also sold some extra dresses and cardigans.
I'm going to take a little knitting break now and I'll be ready to start on some different stuff in a couple of weeks!

Healthy Easter Bunnies

This Easter, instead of buying chocolate bunnies, why not get a much "healthier" and longer lasting gift, a hand knit bunny, dressed in clothing of your choice.  Extra clothing pieces available.

Dressing up

As a kid, the thing I liked most was changing clothes on my dolls and that feeling hasn't changed much since then.
One of my favourite things to do is making new clothes for my knitted animals.
Since I got myself a little clothes rack to fill it has never been empty and gives my costumers a choice what kind of outfit they want.
And I can adjust according to the season, Christmas clothes, Easter clothes, summer clothes.

Right now I've made some cute Valentine outfits, in red, white and pink and with hearts of course.

Busy, busy, busy

Santa Claus is in town and I've been very busy keeping Michelle's clinic supplied with Christmas crafts.
Things are selling well and also orders to fill (5 gnomes in neutral colours).
I'm working several different projects at the same time and my work area looks very messy with lots of yarn, needles and other equipment laying around for easy access.
Pinterest is a hard place to stay away from and every time I end up there I see more things I'd like to make.
Below a small example of the things I've been working on.

Most patterns are found on Pinterest or Ravelry. The Gnomes are my own design.

Cabled Shawl

Just LOVE this design, looks very complicated but actually much easier than I figured.
This one is going to someone else as a birthday gift, but I most likely will make another one for myself. Have enough of the yarn leftover.
The colour doesn't come over as nice in the picture but it's a very soft rose blush, with a little bit of fluff but not itchy!

The pattern is "Ode To Skye Wrap" available on Ravelry
Worth every penny!