Easter Bunnies Plus

After the great succes last year with my Easter Bunny campaign I decided to go with it again.
So here is a collage of different combinations in bunnies and clothes.
I've sold quite a few already and filling more orders.

But now the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has virtually put the whole world on hold. It's quite scary actually to see all these measures and rules being put into action.
It makes me think about the war my parents use to talk about all the time.
Let's hope things get better soon and we'll be able to go back to our regular lives.
Stay safe out there!

Canada Bear

When the Canadian team won the Junior World Hockey tournament on January 5, 2020 I was inspired to make this jacket for one of my Mary Jane's Tearoom bears.  That turned out pretty nice if I say so myself 😁

New Year, new project

It's been a long time since I knitted a sweater (for myself) but when I saw this pattern (Peaks Pullover from PurlSoho) I decided to go for it.
Pretty pleased with the end result.
Maybe I'll knit another one soon.

Christmas 2019

Doing my usual Christmas crafts, Nativity sets, light strands, slippers, bunnies, bears and new for this year the reindeer.

But my absolute favourite this year were the giant gnomes.
The pattern is "Here We Gnome Again" and are actually knitted on a 3mm needle. But a client asked me to make them at least 40-45 cm tall so I used a very bulky yarn and 8mm needle.

They turned out fantastic!

Baby stuff

Expecting new babies in the family again so back to some old favourites (the duck) and trying out some new cuties.

The top left booties are my own design.

The baby slippers are from Ravelry

The giraffe is from LoveCrafts


Have to work ahead of time so here are some new slippers for the upcoming winter season!

The possibilities for design and colour combinations are endless.

Foxy girl

Another cute animal from Little Cotton Rabbits website, a Foxy girl this time.

I had been eyeing her a for a while already but when I saw an alteration on this fox to make it into a reindeer (for Christmas) I was definitely sold.

So here she is.

And the reindeer change-up.