This was quite a challenge

A special request to make a Christmas gift for a girl who went whale watching in NFL this summer. It took a lot more yarn and knitting time than I first figured but I’m very pleased with the end result. 

I used a free pattern found on Ravelry, but made some small changes to it. It is amazing to see the whale shape developing the further you get into the knitting process!

I used smaller needles and yarn than the pattern called for and still the finished length is 65cm (26”).

Bluejeans sweater

This was a very challenging project, definitely not for the faint at heart. 
Started it about 1 yr ago and after leaving it sitting idle for a couple of months, it’s finally done! 
The knit/purl pattern of the flowers in the main (blue) part was an intense counting process, esp after starting the yoke with raglan decreases. 
But I’m proud of myself for sticking with it and now I can wear it this winter (it’s pretty warm) 

The pattern is Laflör from ChrizKnitz and the yarn I used is Sisu from Sandnes Yarn.


Just a small selection of the 50+ bunnies I did this year for Easter

Took me a while to get over the extreme knitting I did in March/April, a total of about 55. 

I had to stop taking orders after only 2 weeks because I was completely overwhelmed and started to worry if I could get them all done.

Even some worries about getting certain yarn delivered in time. 

But everything went fine and I think there were a lot of happy kids (and maybe some adults) with their bunnies on Easter morning!

A New Friend

I decided to add one more Animal Friend to my collection, Tilly the Hare. 

I made her for my sister a couple of months ago and I guess she deserves to be on my own shelf too!

I think this makes it a complete family now, these are my 6 favourite animals from the book (there is 13 in total to choose from) and no more room on the shelf either.

They look like a pretty cute bunch all together, quite a bit of work and yarn involved but I guess it's all worth it.

I love looking at them when I walk by the room and peek in to admire them.

These are all from the pattern book

Knitted Animal Friends - Louise Crowther

The whole group


Getting ready for Christmas, so here is a small reindeer collection.