Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Some different stuff

We're living in a very strange world right now, dealing with the Corona pandemic and no end in sight for the near future yet. At least another month or more with lockdowns and social distancing.
I decided to try my hand at some different stuff for a change. So with a lot of people feeling the need to wear face-masks I fired up my sewing machine and here are the results.
I went on YouTube for visual information and then tried different styles to see which one used the least amount of fabric, which one was the easiest to make, which one was the fastest to make and which one was the most comfortable to wear (top priority!)

The winner is the pleated mask on the bottom right.

June 2020 update

During several more months of the COVID-19 pandemic I have tried a lot of different designs since that first attempt in April. 
And my favourite is now this style.
It's easy and fast to make, fits well over the nose and under the chin. And it doesn't touch your mouth so it feels less restrictive!
Couldn't buy elastic anywhere (not even online) so I started to crochet the cords and that actually turned out to be a great solution!
It's soft, stretches a little and doesn't hurt your ears.

I also made a lot of these masks for the clients at Michelle's clinic (personalized with her business name) when they were allowed to open again on June 15.