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Some small items

Just trying out some fun small projects to use up leftover yarn. This is perfect! Found the ideas on Pinterest (time flies when you're browsing there) The pattern for the seagull is free  from  Grietje Karwietje (in both Dutch and English) The pattern for the candy is free too but in Dutch only.   And a very cute rose, look at the instruction video You can even make a whole assorted bouquet using all the other flowers on the same website!

Nellie the elephant

After making the hippo I now also made the elephant. She's called Nellie. Pretty cute too. I really like crocheting the individual shapes and then putting them together. I don't do the "joining-as-you-go" method because I find the seams don't look as nice and, for me at least, it doesn't save any time. Because I use a lot of different colours and I don't want the same combinations too close together I follow the pattern starting at the joining section and crochet new shapes as I progess so I can decide on the colours when I need them. But if you're only using a few colours it's probably easiest to first crochet the total amount of shapes you need and then start joining them. The pattern is from Heidi Bears and available on Ravelry