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Christmas crafts

Here are some of my crafts for this Christmas. Made a Santa and reindeer for all 4 grandkids and made 10 of the cutlery pockets (my own design - download here) for all of us at the dinner table. The crocheted light string and little Christmas tree were just fun to do with some leftover yarn and the slippers were going to be for myself to wear on Christmas Day but I ended up selling them. Also added some more Christmas balls to my collection (12 in total now).

Hippo & Piglet

For the last 2 years I had someone ask me if I had a knitted pig (after she saw my other animals) and I promised her I would try to find a pattern and make one for her.
There are actually lots of pig patterns around but the cutest one is from Heidi Bears website (at least in my opinion).

She uses the African Flower crochet pattern to make this adorable Hippo.
Couldn't resist it, so made that one too.

Petit Fours

Just cute little pastries. They're done in a short time and great for using up left over yarn (Catania 100% cotton). I had a lot of fun with this. Made 6 different ones to have a set but there are 17 in total in the ebook from Grietje Karwietje so I might do some more later on.


Here is the latest in the Petit Fours, all displayed on a nice serving tray

Persian tiles DONE

Persian Dreams blanket all done! I'm VERY pleased with the result, it really looks gorgeous.
Pattern on Ravelry
I have to say that it's probably the absolute most beautiful thing I've EVER made (and that means a lot considering I've been knitting since I was 6 years old!)
I redid the whole outer edge because I wasn't happy with the first one. An extra week of work but worth it!
If you  like to know how I connected the blocks and did the outer edge you can
download the complete explanation here
update I took the blanket to Holland in August 2015, to show to the lady who blogged about it 
and where I got the idea to make one myself. 
She gave me a very nice write-up on her blog. (in Dutch obviously :)

Easter projects

Decided to make some Easter craft again to set by each plate when the family comes for the annual Easter egg hunt and brunch next week.
Not as much work to crochet these chickens as knitting the bunnies from last year, but very cute too I think.
Also added some more knitted Easter eggs for a total of 18, so the bowl is full now!

Hope everyone is going to be happy when they see it.

The chicken pattern is free and in both Dutch and English

Scandinavian Slippers

Had this pattern book already before Christmas but it looked VERY complicated when I first glanced at it, so I decided to leave it till the new year and then take my time and solve it!
At the end it wasn't nearly as difficult as it seemed (I did do a few things my own way and not the way it is described in the book) so here is the result (or check my Ravelry project page).
Pretty nice I think and very warm too.

Already working on my second pair (sold these) and have orders for more.

Update Here are some more finished slippers, they are so much fun to make!!