Sunday, August 2, 2020

Face masks

We're 6 months into the pandemic now and still living this “new normal” life. 
Things have improved somewhat because we can go out and socialize more, but only with people we choose to be in our “bubble”. Social distancing is still the norm and I'm afraid for quite some time yet.
To try and contain a new upswing in the infection spread there is now a mandatory face mask use for indoor public places. School are going to be open again next month and kids will also have to wear masks, starting in grade 4.
Needless to say I have been extremely busy sewing. I'm at the point where I have to borrow Malinda's sewing machine for a while so I can bring mine in to have oiled and serviced (it's starting to squeak quite badly, from overuse I'm sure).
I've now provided most of the family with masks but I'm getting a little overwhelmed lately with orders from friends of friends, Michelle's clinic clients and just through word of mouth.
People seem to like the design a lot because it fits well over the nose and under the chin but doesn't touch your mouth. The pattern is from Add Crafts with a YouTube tutorial. There are sizes for Adult M or L, Teenager and Child. I've altered it a little and I didn't add the nose wire or filter pocket.

My new motto is 
you can't have too many masks and they better be comfortable and look great!

Here is a small sample of ones I've made

click here for even more