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Unicat Shawls

This is the nicest yarn to make a shawl.
It's called Unicat, multi coloured but with a VERY slow turnover.
The darker one (blue-red-ocher) is called Rafiki and the lighter sandy-pink is called Perlenglanz (pearl shine).

I wore the lighter one last winter already and had lots of compliments. Can't wait for some cooler
weather to arrive so I can show off the darker one!

I used the same pattern for both shawls.
It's called Secret Paths and a free download on Ravelry

Baby Booties

I've been working on a pair of baby booties for a while now.
I wanted an easy design without any seams and also the possibility of making it into a different bootie without changing too much in the design.
I think I finally got it done.
I'm pretty pleased with the result and I feel anyone who likes to make baby booties can use this pattern and with some fantasy should be able to make a lot of different styles for any occasion.
Go to the Pattern page to download (in English and Dutch)