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Double Knit Blanket

It's done, finished it last night. That was a very intense job, not exactly hard to do but you need to concentrate on the counting pattern at all times and if you make a mistake it's very hard to see at first and even harder to fix. But now that it's hanging on my chair looking Christmassy and beautiful I'm very happy with the result. No pattern but a  website with just the picture and the graph sheets. I made mine smaller (3x5 blocks instead of 5x7) so it would fit the armrest and also finish quicker.

Christmas busy

They don't call this the "busy time of the year" for nothing, I'm literally knitting and crocheting all day just to get everything done (10 more days to go). The nativity set is a great success again, just like last year. As soon as I make some, they sell. I mostly make the Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus set but there is also 3 wise men, 2 shepherds and an angel. The free pattern is from Whistle & Ivy My own design of the Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes are the other popular item this year. I think I've made about 10 of these and still getting requests for more! If you Google "Christmas crafts" my website gnome post is mentioned somewhere in the top (at least right now it is :) I also send a suggestion about the Gnomes to "Blij dat ik Brei" (I translated the pattern in Dutch) and she wrote about it in her blog right away. All this brings a lot more people to this website which is a nice thing. I think I'll probably hav