Christmas again!!

This year I've been even more busy than usual.
I started to display some of my items at Michelle's clinic and ended up selling a lot of things.

Most popular were the Christmas lights.
I also really enjoyed making the little nativity set and the Christmas tree.
The patterns are all available on Ravelry

I'm still working right now on a small Christmas blanket to go on the armrest of the chair but I'm not sure if I can get it done in time. Only 2 days left.


Got it done just in time for Christmas Day. 
Did the finishing touches at around midnight on December 24.

Update 2
Ended up giving this blanket to Mirjam and made a new one in 2017 but did it completely in double knit!

No pattern but a website with just the picture and the graph sheets.
I made mine smaller (3x5 blocks instead of 5x7) so it would fit the armrest and finish quicker.