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With this extreme cold weather (-20C with a windchill of -35C) there is nothing else for me to do but stay indoors and do crafts, so here are the latest finished projects. These stuffed animals are the same as I made before but this time I used sock-wool and 2.5mm needles so they turned out a lot smaller than the previous ones (25cm compared to 45cm). Very cute and economical too because I only used 1 ball of yarn! The patterns are from Zij Maakt Het (Dutch)  but they are also available on Ravelry in Dutch and English . They're very detailed with pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Girls sweaters

Here are the sweaters I made for Ava and Hazel for Christmas. Couldn't post it before because of course they were suppose to be a surprise for them. The 2nd sweater is knitted in 1 piece, so no seams on the sides and the sleeves were done on a circular needle. The ruffle around the body takes more time to do than the whole sweater. And you have so many stitches at the end that they barely fit on a needle. I used an interchangeable circular needle with a large cord ( Knitters Pride ). And at the end they turned out very cute. I got the pattern (#86) for free when I bought the yarn at Lammy in Hilvarenbeek (Holland).