Friday, February 8, 2013

Rainbow blanket

So much fun working on this Rainbow Blanket.

This is what I have finished right now.
I need about 108 or 120 squares (like the ones with the white trim around) to make a blanket.
The pattern is from the PurlSoho but just a little too expensive to order the whole package from them.
So Mirjam went out and searched all over for similar colours (we have about 30 different ones right now) and we decided to share the cost by dividing the yarn in half. You can probably make 3 blankets with the yarn we have because you only need about 1/3 of the ball of each colour. You would only need extra base (white) yarn.
It's easy and fast. Great to take with you on a trip or in the car because a crochet needle isn't very big.
The problem will probably come when we have to organize the colours into a nice ensemble, kinda like putting together a puzzle.

See finished blanket here