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Beautiful Bag

I LOVED this bag as soon as I saw it (Ravelry pattern) so I right away wanted to try it out.
I have 3 circles done right now and need to go out to buy something to use as the main colour before I can make them into squares and put them together.

I made little purses for Ava and Hazel

I gave this first bag to Mirjam (I made at least 10 all together, see some below) and in March 2013 this Dutch blog made a mention of it.

Little Roses

So cute and VERY easy (and fast) to make.
Even Malinda is tempted to try this so she took a needle and some yarn with her to practice.
Let's see how long she keeps it up.

Pattern from Attic24

Doll Clothes

Having lots of fun making doll clothes.
I got jealous of the granddaughters with their nice dolls so I bought one for myself too. I can make pretty clothes and dress her up just like when I was a little girl.

Right now I got her in a sporty outfit,  ready to go to the London Olympics :)

This is a Jolina Ballerina doll, about 35cm (14") and I adapted patterns for Barbie doll clothes found at this website.
I also used a pattern book for Marie Claire doll
I just need to come up with some shoes for her because she can't be barefoot all the time!

made my own shoe pattern