I know it's not Christmas yet (too hot right now to even think about winter!) but I'm always working ahead of the season.
I've been eyeing these cute gnomes for a while already, apparently they're Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes, also called Tomte or Nisse. I figured they couldn't be too hard to make so I worked on it for a few days and came up with my own pattern (which you can download here). You don't need much yarn so it's a great way to use up leftovers (which I always have an awful lot of)
I'm pretty pleased with the result and I think I'll make some more later to sell at Michelle's clinic for the upcoming Christmas season.

You can of course use any colour yarn and they don't need to be for Christmas (e.g. using green would make them look like a Leprechaun for St. Patricks Day)

Crochet like it's 1975

I use to crochet window coverings, borders and even bedspreads for my first apartment and home in the 1970s.
Still have the pattern books in a drawer.
So when my niece wanted a pretty crocheted cover for the table she's using on her wedding day to sign the registry I got those books out and had her pick out a design.
It was fun to get back to something from so long ago, found out I still know how to do it (guess it's like biking)
Here is the result. The bride-to-be was happy with it too, which of course is the most important!

Bunnies & more

These cute animals are all from Little Cotton Rabbits. The bodies are the same and you can make them into a rabbit, a bear or a cat.  (there are some more to choose from at the website, but I like these 3 the best). Having fun using up some leftover yarn to make the clothes.

Double Knit

I learned a new technique these last couple of days!
After seeing some really nice examples (on Pinterest) of so called "double knitting" (knitting 2 layers at the same time with reversed pattern) I decided to try it myself.
It's just so helpful to have YouTube so you can follow visual instructions step by step.
Turned out it's not near as difficult as it seems but you do need to keep a close eye on your stitches.
I started with a small sample piece with hearts (Valentines Day is coming up!).

After I got the hang of it I decided I was ready for something more useful so I now have a great neck warmer in a charcoal/cream gingham pattern. No seams anywhere and totally reversible.

Free pattern here

I think I'll try the Christmas blanket again next year but then in the double knit, it's an absolutely perfect technique for that!

Christmas again!!

This year I've been even more busy than usual.
I started to display some of my items at Michelle's clinic and ended up selling a lot of things.

Most popular were the Christmas lights. I also really enjoyed making the little nativity set and the Christmas tree.
Visit my Ravelry projects for the patterns

I'm still working right now on a small Christmas blanket to go on the armrest of the chair but I'm not sure if I can get it done in time. Only 2 days left!

Got it done just in time for Christmas Day. 
Did the finishing touches at around midnight on December 24!

the idea is from a website with just the picture and the graph sheets.

I made mine smaller (3x5 blocks instead of 5x7) so it would fit the armrest and finish quicker.