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A Whole New Batch

Here they are, a whole new set of bunnies, bears, pigs, cats and mice! Take your pick.  The bunny stays my favourite, but the others come close.  It also depends on what clothes they are wearing.

Back to work

After a nice (unexpected) trip to Holland to see family and friends I'm back home again and ready for some new projects. Bought some beautiful Unicat yarn at my favourite store in Arnemuiden  to make shawls for my girls. Too bad I was held back by the limited amount of suitcase space otherwise I could have brought back a lot more. This has to do for now. Can't wait to start on it. Also need to restock my stuffed animal display, so that means back to work in a hurry! Update September 20, 2019 One shawl done (for myself, the girls can't decide yet which pattern to use). I love this pattern Secret Paths, available for free on Ravelry