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Chrismas elf

Made this outfit last year already but I couldn't show it then because I also made one for Ava and Hazel's dolls as a Christmas gift.
I didn't want to spoil the surprise.

In total I made 5 of these costumes (2 of my friends have the same doll).
Pattern was adapted from Barbie doll clothes at this website

Don't know if I have time to knit up some clothing piece for the dolls this year, too busy with other craft stuff.

We'll see!

Lacey shawl

Started this shawl when we were in Italy in September (it's easy to crochet in the car and on the road)
But I didn't finish it until this weekend. I used up the yarn till the very last inch, so no wastage there.
It's very pretty, I love the colour (kind of a raspberry red) and it feels very soft and light but it's still warm because it's wool. (but NOT itchy like most wool products).

I received the pattern for free when I bought the yarn but it's also available on Ravelry

Vera the bear

After several monkeys I now made bears.  She's called Vera and the pattern is from the same lady who made the monkey.  Check out her website for more animals.
Her patterns are available on Ravelry in both Dutch and English

Happy Halloween

My own Halloween witch!

We only had our grand kids as trick-or-treaters, and Felix didn't even want to dress up or come out of the car.

Hopefully next year will be better, weather wise and more visitors.

Patterns are adapted from Barbie clothes at this website

Doll shoes

Ever since I got this doll for the granddaughters (and myself) I have been looking for shoes for her (Jolina Ballerina)
Can't buy anything that fits her. She came as a ballerina with pointshoes but of course that won't do with all her nice dress-up clothes.

After alterations of different patterns and with years of experience I made up my own shoes for her and they look pretty nice I think.
Made several models and even came up with boots.

Now she doesn't have to go barefoot anymore!

Go to Pattern page for free download (these shoes measure about 4.5cm from heel to toe)


This is called a Cradle-Bag. I found the pattern on Ravelry and immediately figured both granddaughters would LOVE one. I've made 2 already (fits a 5" doll) and I'll put them out on the Rosy Rhubarb Festival on June 8th. I also have some knitted monkeys and ducks. We'll see how well it sells.

Sheep Pillow

This is the Bobble Sheep Pillow
It looks great sitting on the back of my sofa.

Aiden used this sheep when he was a shepherd in the Christmas play at school

The pattern is free at the purlbee website.

Rainbow blanket DONE!!

My Rainbow blanket is ALL DONE. (See the start here.)

I enjoyed that very much.
It actually went surprisingly fast.
Took me just about 2 months to finish the whole thing.
Total measurement is 90 x 120cm

The original pattern (with great pictures and explanation) in English is from the purlbee website

I'm ready for my next project now.

Rainbow blanket

So much fun working on this Rainbow Blanket.

This is what I have finished right now.
I need about 108 or 120 squares (like the ones with the white trim around) to make a blanket.
The pattern is from the Purlbee website but just a little too expensive to order the whole package from them.
So Mirjam went out and searched all over for similar colours (we have about 30 different ones right now) and we decided to share the cost by dividing the yarn in half. You can probably make 3 blankets with the yarn we have because you only need about 1/3 of the ball of each colour. You would only need extra base (white) yarn.
It's easy and fast. Great to take with you on a trip or in the car because a crochet needle isn't very big.
The problem will probably come when we have to organize the colours into a nice ensemble, kinda like putting together a puzzle.

See finished blanket here