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So cute

Just finished this knitted monkey and I think it's about the cutest thing I've done in a long time.
I had the pattern for quite a while already but never took the time to use it.
But now that the first one is done I'm sure I'll make some more soon (as you can see :).

The pattern is available on Ravelry in both English and Dutch.


I made this shawl in about 2 days from the idea on this Blog (sorry in Dutch). It's basically done in Granny Squares and then finishing rows around. The special thing is the twist in the shawl when you put it together. It makes it very nice to wear because it always hangs right. Also great when you want to make a second loop around your neck.
I only used 12 Granny Squares to make the initial circle but it might have been better to start with at least one more because it's a little tight if I want to do the double loop around my head. As soon as it's over my head it's fine and actually nice and close for warmth. It's made with one ball of Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour

Pumpkins & Toadstools

Halloween is just around the corner so here are some cute things to go with it.

Crocheting is so much fun to do I can't seem to stop anymore. These are done quickly so you have quick results.
The kids keep playing with them all the time so I guess they can always be used as toys too.

Toadstool pattern
Pumpkin pattern


Well, I said I was going to try crocheting some food, here are the first samples.
You can make these in less than 1 hr. and you can find free patterns all over the internet. (search Ravelry and DropsDesign)

Pin Cushions

I think I'm getting a little addicted to crocheting, can't seem to stop anymore!
Started (and finished) some pin cushions, very cute, either with several colours or just neutral.

I had them out on a yard sale and a little girl wanted them to use as a pillow for her doll, so pretty versatile too!!

English pattern with pictures
and a nice alternative idea here

Beautiful Bag

I LOVED this bag as soon as I saw it (Ravelry pattern) so I right away wanted to try it out.
I have 3 circles done right now and need to go out to buy something to use as the main colour before I can make them into squares and put them together.

I made little purses for Ava and Hazel

I gave this first bag to Mirjam (I made at least 10 all together, see some below) and in March 2013 this Dutch blog made a mention of it.

Little Roses

So cute and VERY easy (and fast) to make.
Even Malinda is tempted to try this so she took a needle and some yarn with her to practice.
Let's see how long she keeps it up.

Pattern from Attic24

Doll Clothes

Having lots of fun making doll clothes.
I got jealous of the granddaughters with their nice dolls so I bought one for myself too. I can make pretty clothes and dress her up just like when I was a little girl.

Right now I got her in a sporty outfit,  ready to go to the London Olympics :)

This is a Jolina Ballerina doll, about 35cm (14") and I adapted patterns for Barbie doll clothes found at this website.
I also used a pattern book for Marie Claire doll
I just need to come up with some shoes for her because she can't be barefoot all the time!

made my own shoe pattern


I never did a lot of crocheting but when I saw these hearts I felt like making them right away.
Very easy and fast, so you have results right away. You can use them on a key chain or attach them to a gift!

Karin aan de haak Dutch pattern here  but there is a link on the bottom to the English version from Jose Crochet

I actually enjoyed the crocheting a lot so I will definitely be doing more!


Spend some time knitting bunnies for the girls
The bunny would be a nice baby gifts too but a lot more work than the duck that I usually make so I think I'll stick with that.
The pattern is from the Easter book of Arne & Carlos

Easter Eggs

Newest project...knitted Easter Eggs.
I put a styrofoam egg inside so they keep their shape.
Pattern from Arne & Carlos and Little Cotton Rabbits


The clown puppet is cute too but a lot more work than the duck so I don't make it as often.
I once changed the colours and made it into a Santa Claus to give away at Christmas.
The pattern is from the same old booklet as the Duck (Dutch only)
You can download it here.


This stuffed duck is very popular and I knit it for practically every baby that's born in our family and friends circle.
The pattern is in Dutch from an old Margriet Magazine booklet (1985) and if you are interested you can download it here.

Update Jan 2016
I finally took the time to translate the pattern in English, download it here.